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the sp jewelry advantage

Silver Plus Jewelery is a town of treasures established by 2000 and is known for its superior craftsmanship with precious stones and solid gold and silver justifying their artwork and exclusive designs. The history of Jewelery In India is as ancient as the country itself.  The beads of magnificent product quality and comfort sit around your neck and fit in your style. Jewel is a  fashion of god and goddesses in various geometrical, floral, and nature-inspired minimalist designs, SP jeweler offers.

SP jewelers still use traditional hand-drawing and drafting methods in the process of designing jewelry, particularly at the conceptual stage to give your jewelry the touch of belonging as part of your own. jewels are seen as sacred and precious hence focused on mold and deliver it as how you imagined it would be in gold, diamonds earrings, rings. Hoops bangles, cuffs, and necklaces did with precious stones believing jewelry is civilization's earliest form of decoration.

Personalized Design

Our designers master the art of customizing, which means we utilize all necessary skills to design a piece of jewelry.


SP Jewelers has a team of professionals, who are trained in the field of architectural and functional knowledge of fabrication techniques, material, composition,wearability.

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